The Code of Aligning Faith and Finances As A Family

A Family is one of the most simple and yet complex words known to man. Its definition varies from person-to-person and region-to-region, yet the very thought of a Family conjures up an image of a father, mother, kids, and grandparents. It is one of the most difficult concepts to explain in words as the group is held together by a thin fabric of blood, marriage, and understanding, following an unstated code of One for All and All for One. History is full of stories where battles have been fought, empires have been built, and communities have been formed, all by keeping the family in mind.

Family Meetings When it comes to our professional life, we have joint meetings and team briefs on almost every day of the working week for aligning ourselves with the goals of the organization. When it comes to the family, do we even have dinner together on a regular basis? Do we even speak or try to understand the needs of our families? The answer for many would be a No. The sad fact is that knowingly or unknowingly, we have taken our families and the members for granted, when in fact they are like the pillar who would take a stand for us in dire circumstances.

So isn’t it important to develop understanding, cooperation, and teamwork skills even in families, since it is like a mini-organization which would be impacted by every decision it takes?

Why Family Meetings Family meetings can be very helpful in improving communication, and bonding between family members. Generally, in families, the elders are the decision-makers due to which the other family members feel left out and unappreciated. Family meetings can be an effective tool in making children understand the challenges of stewardship, allow you to create financial goals together, develop family bible study plans, and also develop problem-solving skills. Involving kids in the meetings makes them feel responsible and important and helps in building maturity and accountability towards the family and the society. Topics such as faith, finances, culture, health, education, credit, society, and others can be discussed in family meetings which would help in shaping a strong culture and togetherness. Like a strong business unit, such meetings, with realistic timelines for execution, can help in building cohesiveness, team spirit and sense of purpose in the family.

Some may question the need for building an office like environment in the homes. Aren’t we already over-stressed at our workplace that we need such an atmosphere at home? Well, the key lies in the execution.


Family meetings can help the children in understanding how the real world works and prepare them for dealing with tough situations as a Christian. The kids are usually shielded by their parents during their childhood days who then find it difficult to cope up with the pressures of the outside world and succumb. Such meetings can gear them up to communicate effectively, analyze situations objectively, manage financial stress, and find solutions for all major life issues. The meetings need not be formal in nature. The family can have such meetings over lunch on a weekend when everyone is in a good mood. Thus, family meetings can be informal, fun and participatory if planned well.

Family meetings can help the family tackle real issues together and move jointly towards the goals. It helps the family to appreciate one another, accept all members, and support each other in growing and becoming better. It is all about building a strong bond with our families and improving our lives.

We can rightly say that a Family that Meets and Eats together, Stays Together.

Happy Family Meeting!