Align family organization

At Align Family Organization, we strive to build stronger families, organizations, and communities to assist in breaking continual cycles of bad credit and poor money habits. We are committed to providing you with superlative services and education regarding your goals to financial freedom. Our approach to every client will focus on integrity, advocacy, understanding to improve your credit, family communication, and purpose. Our team focus is driven by providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective coaching and products for all of our clients.

Building healthy families and communities is a part of our mission and vision! Our training sessions and educational materials for youth and adults will help build generational wealth. We teach stewardship principles to break the generational curse of poor credit and money habits. Community partnership is very important to our courageous leader, Naima-Ra Johnson. She provides teaching material and resources for churches and organizations to strengthen the body of Christ. 

We also furnish training for groups, personal coaching sessions for engaged couples, married couples, and devoted couples. Equiping couples with a strategic budgeting, credit, and prayer plan to help them grow financially and spiritually together. 

Naima-Ra Johnson has developed the 5/5/5 METHOD to help FAMILIES align their FAITH, FICO, and FINANCES. This simple method has helped families implement successful spending plans, draw closer to God, and communicate effectively.

Naima-Ra Johnson is an advocate of FAMILY meetings! Her distinctive approach teaches FAMILIES how to be good stewards of their FINANCES and spiritual gifts. She equips adults with lessons, instructional tips to help FAMILIES impart stewardship values. 

Align Family Org