Coach NaimaJ provides educational materials, faith exercises, training sessions, financial awareness, planners, and coaching that will strengthen FAMILIES by aligning their FAITH, FICO, and FINANCES.  

Building healthy families and communities is a part of her mission and vision! Her training sessions and educational materials for youth and adults will help strengthen individual’s FICO scores. She teaches stewardship principles to break the generational curse of poor credit habits. 

She furnishes training for groups, personal coaching sessions for engaged couples, married couples, and devoted couples. She equips couples with a strategic credit and prayer plan to help them grow financially and spiritually together. 

Coach NaimaJ has developed the 5/5/5 METHOD to help FAMILIES align their FAITH, FICO, and FINANCES. This simple method has helped families implement successful spending plans, draw closer to God, and communicate effectively. 

Coach NaimaJ also has affordable credit planners, prayer journals, family meeting organizers,and digital products to help families align their FAITH, FICO, FINANCES and FAMILY

Growing spiritually as a family is the main ingredient in achieving financial success and wealth!