Family Meetings are essential to building generational wealth. It MUST START IN THE HOME! I would love to provide your family with monthly exercises, planners, workbooks, and digital products that will strengthen your FAMILY by aligning your FAITH, FICO, and FINANCES.  

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Are you ready to align your FAMILY’S faith AND finances?

Building healthy families and communities is a part of my mission and vision!

I have developed a 5/5/5 METHOD to help FAMILIES align their FAITH, FICO, and FINANCES. This simple method has helped families implement successful spending plans, draw closer to God, and communicate effectively.

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Family talk podcast with naima-Ra

The online family podcast was created for the busy parents who only have a few minutes to spare but want to break the generational curse of poor money management.

  • Helping Families Create a Safe & Fun Environment to Conduct Family Meetings

  • Helping Families Build Generational Wealth Together

  • Helping Families Align Their Faith & Finances

  • Educating Families About Stewardship

Community Partnership and COLLABORATION:

Community partnership is very important to me. I also provide teaching material and resources for youth groups, churches, and organizations to strengthen the body of Christ. 

  • Community Courses Include:

  • How to Create A Successful Budget

  • How to Establish Desirable Credit

  • How to Teach Your Child About Money Management


Budgeting Worksheets, Family Activities, Faith-Based Resources, & Much More!