The Code of Aligning Faith and Finances As A Family

A Family is one of the most simple and yet complex words known to man. Its definition varies from person-to-person and region-to-region, yet the very thought of a Family conjures up an image of a father, mother, kids, and grandparents. It is one of the most difficult concepts to explain in words as the group is held together by a thin fabric of blood, marriage, and understanding, following an unstated code of One for All and All for One. History is full of stories where battles have been fought, empires have been built, and communities have been formed, all by keeping the family in mind.

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Falling in love with our credit and finances was not an easy task, in fact, it is still a voyage we will always be a part of. However, what makes the journey easier is prioritizing our needs and putting God first by tithing and stewardship. Tithing helps us change our mindset about our finances and gives us a greater understanding of stewardship which are our responsibilities to God's Kingdom. We are a blended family... blending spiritually and financially. I share our story with you because wealth starts with God, your family, and mindset.

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