Stewardship is protecting and expanding all the resources God has given you. Your resources are: gifts, talents, income, savings, wisdom, and possessions. God has given us all the resources we need to prosper and live in abundance. We must use the resources He has entrusted us with wisely and effectively. Remember everything you see and own belongs to God!


When I began my financial journey, I was in a very dark place spiritually and financially. The income I was receiving was not outweighing my bills. I was unable to keep up with all my “extra expenses” (credit cards, eating out, loans, bad debt). There were days I was so stressed out that I could not even go to work. I would talk about my finances to the friends around me and of course we all had the same story. I was working two jobs and I knew I had to seek God for assistance to get myself out of debt.

One day I asked God to truly direct my path and get me spiritually and financially healthy again. Let me tell you…. God heard my cry and believed I was ready to live in abundance. I quickly noticed it wasn't the income, it was my spiritual brokenness. So, because I'm a church girl, I grew up in church my whole life, the one thing I knew I had to do was fast, pray, and trust God’s instructions!



I started to claim God's Word over my finances and my family. I started to ask God for wisdom. I also asked God to remove anything that was not like Him. It was kind of hard at first because anything that was not a part of my purpose and plan included losing some of my dear closest friends.


When you are fasting, and praying over your family and finances you should grab a partner. If you are married grab your husband. If you are not married grab your children. Just grab someone who believes in your breakthrough.

Clutch your hands together consistently at the same time for 21 days and plead the blood of Jesus over your family and finances.

At this point in time don't worry about if your kids think you are crazy or if your husband is not on board. Give all your worries and concerns to God, He will take care of the rest.

Your prayers are your dialogue with God. Don't worry about if you are saying the right words. Just start having a casual conversation with God. Trust me He will understand your “foreign language”. He is just waiting for you to communicate with Him. Overtime you'll notice that it's not about how long you pray but how often you pray. Seek a deeper relationship with God and watch the financial breakthrough. Your mind will shift and you will make better financial decisions. Your credit scores will increase and the chain will be broken!

You just need to stay consistent!


I have shared this journey with more than a few people and each time I have heard some awesome stories. As you go through this 21 days of claiming God's Word over your finances and family take notes.

When you are reading God's Word you are communicating with God. God will speak! He will give you direction!


I encourage you set aside time daily to read God’s Word. Claim victory over your life unwaveringly. Build the habit of seeking God daily so that you can make financially sound decisions. Regardless of what we go through in life, life will happen, so, we need God each day, and involved in every decision we make. You will also notice that the more you include God in your daily life, the more you and your family will prosper.

It wasn't until I built that habit of including God in my daily life that I could truly see the financial breakthroughs for me and my family. When you find, yourself falling off or not actually setting aside time to read at least one scripture a day, just stop and say a simple prayer, ask God for obedience and the strength to continuously seek Him.

I am so excited for you and your family’s financial breakthrough!