How deep is your faith? Do you believe God can turn things around? If so, start speaking life over your family and finances! Your financial success starts with your words and actions!

You must change your vocabulary! There is power in your words! 

You can increase your credit scores with proper education, dedication, and consistency. Know that God has already provided the tools and resources for you to live with financial freedom.

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Family Talk podcast

Podcast: Family Meetings with Naima-Ra Johnson & Family

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY MEETING! Where we talk about faith, FICO scores, finances, and family stuff! 

Defining your family goals, stewardship principles, and strategic planning will position your family for generational wealth. We teach and practice the #555method to position families for prosperity in just 15 minutes a day. Communicating with God, purpose, stewardship and imparting into your family is what we teach.

Let's start aligning our FAITH, FICO, & FINANCES to strengthen our FAMILIES together! 




Our goal is to provide educational material, coaching, workbooks, planners, and support to help you increase your credit scores while building wealth. Our wide-range of products and faith-based approach will help you build sustainable growth. We focus on your faith, family, mindset, self-improvement and credit characteristics to improve your lifestyle. Get your FREE 30-minute discovery call!




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