Hello, how are you?

My name is, Naima-Ra Gianquinto Johnson, commonly known as Coach NaimaJ. God has given me the gift to coach families about purpose, credit, and finances! For years, I wanted to tithe and give more in the offering but I was living paycheck to paycheck as a single parent. THEN, one day I was sitting in church and I opened my ears to hear God. LIFE CHANGED I began to walk in my calling, prayed MORE, saved MORE, depended on God MORE, and educated myself MORE!

In 2015, I founded the Align Family Org #coachnaimaj and developed a 12 step coaching program to help families walk in their purpose, build generational wealth, AND tithe!


Well, I can also relate!

I am a proud graduate of Central Methodist University! My student loans actually remind me of my dreams and goals. Oh yes, it is your mindset about student loans that will help you tackle some of the larger balances and create a plan to repay the debt. When I think about my student loans, I think about how God blessed me with the opportunity to increase my income and walk in my calling. Remember, student loans are not the end, but the beginning of financial increase.


Well, let me answer the commonly asked question!
Coaching is a partnership where we create plans, set goals, educate, and more importantly help you acquire good financial and credit characteristics. My goal as your coach is to give you skills and a mindset that will help your family prosper for generations! 


Where can you find me?

At the movies- I am a movie junkie!

Hanging with family- My home is the “center” for my brothers and sisters!

Chilling at my daughter’s house- I have 3 beautiful children: Monai, Arion, and Larkyn

At church- I LOVE JESUS

Helping the community- teaching gives my joy

Cooking- I love to cook fried potatoes and onions every Sunday morning. It reminds me of my mother!


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Naima-Ra Gianquinto Johnson