Naima-Ra Johnson (coachnaimaj) 

Naima-Ra Johnson (coachnaimaj) 

I began my journey being a single mother of two beautiful girls. I had a rambunctious pre-teen and a very energetic elementary student who both kept me beyond busy. As I thought it would be just me working, going to school, and us three in our own triangle of love, God had another plan. A man which was far from my mind at the time, God would deliver to begin blending our family for us to be a blessing to others.

Here is a man who was single, no kids, educated, and living the bachelor life. To be honest we were living in two separate worlds in which God slowly fused and bonded together. The only thing we had in common was UNDESIRABLE CREDIT.

We went to marriage counseling, which helped teach us about communication, exercising your faith in marriage, and the importance of having individual and family goals. All this was awesome, still yet we didn't have a clear understanding of how to combine our finances and credit.

In our first year of marriage, we had another child, began to set financial goals, tithe some of the time, and increase our prayer life. We then began to develop, flourish and plant the buds to nurture fostering a credit coaching company.

I started to educate myself about credit, created a credit planner, set strict budgets, monitor credit scores, included our kids in our family goals, tithe faithfully, increase church offering, have financial meetings, and surround ourselves with people who believed in our union, goals, and most important our purpose. From there we seen our credit scores increase, became home owners, sent our daughter to college, and started our own business.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that aligning wealth and families is not easy. Only through God’s love and planning are we meeting our goals and setting new ones. As you began to set your credit and financial goals remember you must ALIGN YOUR FAITH, FICO, AND FINANCES TO STRENGTHEN YOUR FAMILY!