August Family Alignment

Welcome, August!

The August Family Alignment is designed to help your family align their FATIH, FICO, and FINANCES. This month we will focus on the following areas:

FAITH: Praying For Our Children As They Return To School

FICO/FINANCES: Saving Money on School Supplies

FAMILY: 21 Days of Praying Over Your Family


Prayer Topics:

  • gratitude
  • purity
  • salvation
  • healthy relationships
  • wisdom
  • self-control
  • peace
  • health and nutrition
  • compassion
  • motivation
  • divine direction
  • time management
  • gift discovery & development
  • healthy relationships with parents
  • closer walk with Jesus
  • consistency
  • forgiveness
  • healthy self-image
  • courage
  • strength to overcome the enemy
  • financial freedom
  • etc


MyFICO,, allows you to obtain your current up to date credit reports and accurate FICO scores.


This month talk about ways you can save on school items and lunch


21 Days of Praying Over Our Family