Have you ever met someone that was multi-talented and humble? Well, Pastor Lamont E Walker is not only multi-talented, but one of the most giving people you may ever meet. Preach? He has a calling and word from God like no other. Sing? His beautiful anointed voice will cause goosebumps and bring you to tears. Teach? All over God’s kingdom is evidence of his tutelage. Write? His passion for words glorify and magnify on paper.  

Coincidentally, when I met him I was struggling with finding my purpose and acting on own my gifts. I was all over the place working in this ministry and that ministry. I was just trying to figure what gift was “more important” than the other.  After building a relationship with Pastor Walker I quickly realized you don’t have to neglect any of your gifts, because each gift was created to bless someone else.


COACH NAIMAJ: Hey Pastor Walker, how are you doing? Can you tell us a little about you and your family?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: My name is LaMont E. Walker originally from Kansas City, MO. I was born to Godly parents who are both believers & powerful singers! I'm the only child to my father and the oldest of my mother's children. I have two brothers and a sister. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, I'm a singer, musician, songwriter, composer, dancer, author, preacher, teacher, claims agent, and a lover of life and God's people everywhere!

I truly believe we all have a scripture that blesses our soul each and every time we repeat the words.

COACH NAIMAJ: What is your favorite scripture and why?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: Romans 8:37 "Nay, in all thesethings we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."

COACH NAIMAJ: What is your favorite inspirational book? Why?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: My favorite inspirational book is called Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation by A.P. Gibbs. The book transformed me & my perspective on the way that I worship God the Father which has enhanced and enriched my life as a believer and has caused me to worship more effectively.

COACH NAIMAJ: What did you learn about money from your parents?

Pastor LaMont E Walker:
1- Money is to be given to the Lord [e.g. Tithes/Offerings] 2- Money is to pay living expenses 3- Money is to buy things that you want 4- Money is to be saved

COACH NAIMAJ: If you knew what you know now at 21, what would you do differently?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: I would not take out student loans for higher education.


Ohhhhh I can totally relate to no student loans. Can we just stop and take a moment of silence for the plan God has in place for us to pay off our student loans?

Paying off student loans can be a challenging task. With the right education and plan student loans can actually help you build your credit scores and establish a positive payment history.


COACH NAIMAJ: Why is family important to you?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: Family is important to me because it's the foundation of our lives. Family is where we form last-longing relationships with people who share the same DNA (biologically/spiritually) that understand us as a person and who will hopefully always be there for us when we need. They're our first resource of love!

COACH NAIMAJ: How do you balance your work, personal, and church life?

Pastor LaMont E Walker: The holy scripture says, "to everything there is a time & a season." That means, there is always a beginning and an ending. With that, there's a beginning/ending for work life, a beginning/ending for personal life, and a beginning/ending for church life. I do my best to remain alert to the beginning/ending of each so that I know when to change my behavior and to what to be engaged. That way, I'm indulged in work life, when I should be indulged in personal life. As well, I'm not active in personal life, when I should be active in church life.


Pastor LaMont E Walker’s spirit is a blessing to everyone around him. If you are ever in the Columbia, Missouri area you must stop by United Cathedral Church. You will find him there singing and preaching!

Locating Pastor LaMont E Walker:

Facebook: @LaMont Walker

Twitter: @MyJazzyRiffs

Instagram: @MyJazzyRiffs