Often times when we talk about tithing we get into "heated discussions" about when you should tithe and when you should not tithe. For me tithing is not a debate, it's not about giving 10%, or even about how the church’s financial endeavors. However, It is really about my relationship with God and obedience.

In the past, I was truly embarrassed about not tithing consistently. I was even more embarrassed about creating this financial plan just to meet my financial goals. I indirectly asked every Bishop, Pastor, and Minister I could trust about tithing and financial stress. But as we all know when we can't discuss our secrets with someone we can discuss them with God.

What I have learned is that tithing is about just simply telling God that He can trust you with an increase. I'm not worried about giving 10% of my income anymore. I was only worried about being pleasing in God's eyes.

I seek God so much that I can truly say He is my best friend. I know with every friendship there comes maintenance and requirements. My heart wanted to consistently tithe and develop a deeper relationship with God. So, one year I sat down and I created a graph and financial plan to tithe. I discussed stewardship and tithing during our January family meeting, I reported our progress monthly and celebrated each goal we accomplished together.

This graph will not only help you prepare yourself financially for tithing. But you will experience a deeper relationship with God. As we all know some of the miracles and experiences we have had with God can seem almost unexplainable. Remember, having a deeper relationship with God will break generational curses and build wealth.